maarten kinet (b. 1978) is a Belgian photographer, musician and framer. Although his first encounter with a camera was in 1994 when he got hold of his father's Minolta, he didn't earnestly start photographing until 1997. In 2003 his weapon of choice became a Nikon FM3A and since then, few people have ever seen him without a camera by his side. Lately, however, he has been rejoicing in shooting with a Leica M7.

maarten predominantly works analog. He develops his film himself and prints the photographs in his own darkroom. This process is slow and time-consuming but allows his work to ripen like a good whiskey. Another distinctive feature of maarten is that he never crops his photographs: he prefers to stay faithful to what his eyes saw in that decisive moment.

As a musician maarten played bass for Belgian band Amenra from 2006 til 2012 and since 2014 rejoined their ranks for their acoustic tours. Apart from photography and music maarten is also passionate about framing, having learned the skills at Gaspart in Ghent (BE), He has also made a limited edition of screenprints of two of his photographs, a skill he learned from Marieken Hensen (mmmMar).



Amenra Live Diary - Ancienne Belgique (2017)

screenprints - biënnale van Deinze (edition 2016)

Nudes - ATMOSPHAERA by Alter Ego vzw (Dec 5 2015)

Amenra - Consouling Store (20014)

la fille d'O - biënnale van Deinze (edition 2014)

Gentse Koppen - Bord'eau Gent (2013)

la fille d"O - Bar Buro (September 2012)